Lifetime Labor Warranty (Hardware): All hardware repair or replacement labor is guaranteed for the life of your computer that we repaired. We use the serial number as the identifier for “Lifetime Labor Warranty”

Repair / Replacement Parts: My Discount Tech does not manufacturer or resell any parts. We source the parts on your behalf from various vendors and you simply reimburse us for the part cost. Any part warranty provided by the manufacturer / vendor is explicitly theirs. We will help you with any warranty claim that needs to be made for the parts we source on your behalf, our lifetime labor warranty is part of that assistance.

Virus Removal: Virus removal is considered a final sale.  We will of course make all reasonable attempts to rectify your concerns and we are more than happy to show you the removal report.

Data Recovery: Due to the very nature and complexity of data recovery, data recovery services are exempt from our guarantee. However, if we are unable to recover any data, you will not pay for the services.

Unlicensed and / or Pirated Software: We will not reinstall or warrant any software which has been identified by our technicians or the system / software manufacturer as having unlicensed, illegal or pirated software. We will also not reinstall the software for the client.

Problems Not Disclosed and Future Problems: If after a repair, the client experiences problems which were not originally disclosed to My Discount Tech prior to the initial repair, or within 7 days after acceptance of the system by the client, the problem is classified as new and unrelated.  These unrelated problems are unfortunately not covered by our guarantee.

General Disclaimers: My Discount Tech is not responsible for virus and malware re-infections, liquid damage, power damage, misuse, or any other damage not resulting in the actual repair work performed by My Discount Tech. My Discount Tech will not be responsible for viruses, malware or other computer hardware or software failures that occurred subsequent to any repair.